Selling / Consignment Agreement

I would like to Cash Out.

I would like to Broker my luxury item(s) for Maximum Payout.

1. I,

, hereby appoint Luxury Exchange™ (Malletier LLC) as its exclusive agent for the sale of the item or items described above for a period of 90 days.

I ("CONSIGNOR" or "I") attest that the item(s) I am sending to Luxury Exchange™ to be Genuine and Authentic.
I also agree that if the items are deemed as counterfeit we will contact the consignor for proof of purchase. Counterfeit items discovered will be destroyed and not returned to the consignor, as federal law prohibits these items to be mailed.

3. I agree that I will receive commission proceeds from Luxury Exchange™ of the percentage agreed upon in emails between Luxury Exchange™ and I as a sole seller/owner of mentioned goods, and payment will be issued via check or PayPal within 14 business days after the buyer receives the item.

4. I understand that Luxury Exchange™ will suggest a sale price of the item(s) and will contact me if any adjustment of the price is necessary.

5. Luxury Exchange™ fees for consignment service will be negotiated in writing on a tiered commission base.

6. Items sold on eBay market place any fees may be deducted from the sale price, for purposes of determining the amount that is remitted to seller.

7. I understand that with respect to the item(s) I am consigning, Luxury Exchange™ will not make any agreements with any other party without my written consent.

8. I understand that Luxury Exchange™ will take reasonable care to ensure the safekeeping of the item while it is in the possession of Luxury Exchange™.

9. I understand that Luxury Exchange™ will photograph, display for sale, safely package and ship the item(s) being sold and that I shall not incur any charges in this process. I further understand that Luxury Exchange™ shall have the sole discretion as to where the item(s) will be displayed or advertised for sale.

10. I understand that Luxury Exchange™ may allow layaway sales, whereby buyers may take up to 60 days to make payment in full therefore payment is processed after the buyer completes the transaction and receives their item.

11. I hereby affirm that the item or items that I submit to you were obtained legally. I am the legal owner and I am fully authorized and entitled to sell the items.

12. I understand that the item(s) may or may not sell at the agreed upon price and that I shall hold Luxury Exchange™ harmless for any time or money lost or expended during the listing period. I further understand that upon written notice to Luxury Exchange™, I may opt to have the item(s) returned to me at my expense, after the consignment period ends or opt to sell the item(s) to Luxury Exchange™.

13. I understand and agree that this contract shall endure until the item(s) sells or until Luxury Exchange™ terminates it in writing.

14. I understand the UPS free mailing service to Luxury Exchange™ is offered to customers who are mailing the items with a total resale value of $1,000 or greater.
If lesser valued items are sent using the free UPS label, the original shipping cost will be deducted from the final proceeds.

By submitting this form, consignor acknowledges having read and accepted the terms herein.

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* Luxury Exchange™ insures all inbound packages for up to $3000 per shipment; additional insurance is optional and can be purchased by the seller at the UPS store.

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