Here are some helpful tips for buying online:

  1. Don’t waste your time by directly asking the seller if the item is authentic or not. What answer are you expecting? Do you think they will tell you that it’s NOT authentic? They will only tell you what you want to hear.
  2. Don’t authenticate it yourself. Many buyers think that they know the best. But you don’t. Always ask the experts.
  3. The accessories such as receipts, dustbag, authenticity card, box isn’t the indication of authenticity. We have seen many replicas come with authentic receipts, sleeper, box, etc.. Don’t get fooled.
  4. Do not rely on the retail sales clerks’ opinions. Sales employees including managers at the retail boutiques are NOT experts on authentication.
  5. Don’t accuse the seller before you have the proof. False accusation can result in a legal matter. Do your study and present with the evidence.
  6. Don’t get fooled by obvious scams. There are NO great bargain deals on authentic items. For example, when the going resale value is $2000, you won’t be getting the same authentic item for $200. Use your common sense.
  7. Be cautious on “Bait and Switch” auction listings. Using photographs of an authentic item for the listing, you will receive a replica instead. Don’t buy from “0” feedback sellers.
  8. Just because the seller has huge 100% positive feedback ratings and there are many designer goods on the listing by the seller, there is no guarantee that what they sell are all authentic.
  9. Always purchase with a credit card. PayPal will also allow you to use your credit card through their site. If your claim doesn’t end in your favor on the auction site, you can always go to your credit card company to dispute the charge. With the written statement, you are in good hands.