After submitting your order and paying for the service, please take photos and uploaded it

Once your file is done, click on “share”. You will use as an email address. Please make sure to enter your name, order number and PayPal transaction number.

You can simply use your iPhone or smart phone to take your photos.
We need very clear and high definition photos of the followings:


  • Front and Back straight on
  • Bottom straight on
  • Brand marking stamps
  • Serial number or heat stamp
  • Snaps
  • Handles
  • Stitching
  • Zipper, D ring hardware
  • Metal feet close up
  • Box, sleeper, authenticity card, booklet
  • Receipt
  • Inside

Please don’t send:

  • Too dark and blur photos (Good natural lighting is very important.)
  • Small files (We won’t be able to zoom in if the size of the photo is too small.)
  • Too bright and shinning photos (Too much lighting creates white spots.)
  • Angled photos (make sure that the marking are photographed straight on.)
  • Item on a mannequin or model

Our accepted brands are limited to the following:

  • Hermes,
  • Chanel,
  • Louis Vuitton,
  • Goyard

*Exceptions apply. Please inquire.