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Luxury Exchange™ is Internationally recognised as the leading Full Service Luxury Brokerage Company in the purchase and resale of the finest and most opulent authentic luxury goods.
We are operating directly from Honolulu, Hawaii where we have the largest concentration of Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Cartier boutiques on the globe! Our company has the ability to sell your items profoundly differently over online auctions, shared web malls or dot.com warehouses offering you a seamless one stop solution where we either direct purchase from you, or offer our popular private sales service in which we broker your items on your behalf for maximum payout to you.
We are always a step ahead of technology in order to better showcase items for and to our clients. View our innovative Real Motion 360° presentation!
Luxury Exchange™ has been buying and selling 100% authentic luxury handbags, jewelry, watches and accessories for over a decade, with a record of tens of thousands of 100% authentic luxury goods purchased, brokered, and sold.
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